The Polygon to Ethereum Transition Kicks Off Successfully

y00ts' Polygon-Ethereum Transition Starts Off Strong

The Transition of y00ts NFT Collection from Polygon to Ethereum Gains Impressive Momentum

The highly anticipated shift of the y00ts NFT collection from Polygon to Ethereum commenced less than 24 hours ago, creating a buzz in the crypto world. Over 4,600 y00ts holders swiftly migrated their assets from Polygon to Ethereum within the first seven hours via, signifying strong interest in this transition.

To incentivize early adopters, y00ts is generously covering all gas fees for those who make the switch within the first 24 hours. In addition, 10 y00ts NFTs will be randomly distributed to wallets transitioning during the initial day, each having a floor price of approximately $1225 (0.775 ETH) on OpenSea.

To further encourage prompt action, the NFT project will introduce a 33.3% royalty fee starting on October 22.

Tech-savvy users will appreciate y00ts’ partnership with Wormhole Crypto’s cross-chain NFT standard, ensuring a smooth and secure transition process. For added convenience, verified y00ts links can be accessed through Phantom shortcuts, including the bridge link.


It’s essential to be aware that Ethereum validation may take up to an hour before minting, with a limit of 30 y00ts migrations per user. While minting on Polygon is faster, taking just seconds for validation, system enhancements are in progress to address this delay.

Another crucial detail to note is that y00tpoints will exclusively operate on the Ethereum network, and staking y00ts on ETH is not required; simply holding them in your wallet suffices.

y00ts, in collaboration with Dust Labs, is committed to becoming a leading cross-chain NFT community. Their ultimate goal is to expand beyond the Polygon and Ethereum transition, with an eye on Bitcoin, as they strive to build a diverse and thriving NFT ecosystem across multiple blockchain networks.

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