Upland Launches New Bundles For The 2023/24 NFL Season –

Upland Launches New Bundles For The 2023/24 NFL Season -

For a third year running, Upland has announced the continuation of its successful partnership with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

This special collaboration, facilitated by OneTeam, will allow fans to connect with their favorite NFL players and teams on a whole other level by leveraging web3 technologies through gamified digital collectibles, community events and community created shops.

If that wasn’t enough, they have dropped another exciting range of NFL PA collectible bundles and experiences just in time for the new 2023/24 NFL season.


Choose from an exciting range of new Mixed Essentials Bundles, Team Essentials Bundles and Pass Bundles, each of which has been designed and put together in way that will help collectors maximize the excitement and enjoyment that collecting brings to NFL fans. You can learn more about bundles in the video below.


> Click here for more information or to start collecting. Upland is available from the Google Play store, the App Store and also on the web.


Collecting is fun, but when you add a gaming and rewards element into the mix, then this is what really sets NFLPA Legits apart from most other collectable web3 games in the sporting niche.

The process is simple: Collect bundles to boost your Fan Score which is earned by attending events and completing collections. For collectors with the highest Fan Score, a plethora of thrilling rewards awaits.


To further add to the attractiveness of this collectibles range, fans can take part in contests and challenges, attend meetups, try on virtual wearables and even participate in geo-specific stadium experiences,  all through platform-sponsored events in the Metaverse.

“NFLPA Legits in Upland keep delivering engaging digital fan experiences, bringing excitement to football fans through digital collectible trading. The fact that two full seasons of NFLPA Legits are now available in NFLPA Fan Shops on the secondary market speaks to the success of these digital collectibles within the Upland community as we enter our third year of partnership with the NFLPA.”Idan Zuckerman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Upland


We’re delighted to see some of the progress being made with web3 brands working together with popular sporting bodies, especially where there is a Metaverse element embedded within the experience. With Upland growing from strength to strength, and sports teams always looking for new ways to connect with their fans, it seems this partnership is the perfect recipe for success.

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