The second week of SBF’s trial featured a deluge of compelling evidence and witness testimony against the former billionaire

Second week of SBF’s trial was a torrent of damning evidence, testimony for the former billionaire

The second week of Sam Bankman-Fried’s ongoing criminal trial has been marked by pivotal testimonies and intense courtroom drama.

The prosecution came out swinging, presenting multiple witnesses who were once part of SBF’s inner circle at FTX, including former Alameda Research CEO, Caroline Ellison, and former FTX CTO, Gary Wang.

Wang wrapped up his testimony early in the week, shedding light on a crucial memo sent by SBF before FTX’s collapse. Meanwhile, Ellison’s testimony spanned several days, offering both dry and dramatic revelations for the courtroom.

BlockFi CEO, Zac Prince, took the stand on October 13, closing out a tumultuous week.

Ellison’s Damning Revelations


The week started with a spotlight on Ellison, whose complex personal and professional relationship with SBF became evident. Her testimony centered around SBF’s alleged personal direction in the criminal activities at Alameda Research, including the misuse of billions of dollars from customer funds.

Midweek, Ellison’s narrative took center stage as she revealed the rollercoaster nature of her relationship with SBF. She confessed to illicitly funneling billions from FTX’s customer accounts to Alameda Research during the dark days of FTX. Despite the emotional admission, she remained steadfast during cross-examinations.

Ellison vividly portrayed SBF’s rise and fall, highlighting his fixation on his public image. She described him as a risk-taker, especially when the potential reward was substantial.

Despite extensive cross-examination by SBF’s defense, they couldn’t significantly undermine her credibility or account.

The Domino Effect

As the week concluded, Prince shared details of BlockFi’s close relationship with Alameda and FTX before their collapse.

Prince revealed that when FTX went bankrupt, BlockFi had around $650 million in outstanding loans with Alameda and an additional $350 million held on the FTX exchange in various cryptocurrencies.

Prince maintained that BlockFi relied on Alameda’s balance sheets, which appeared strong at the time. However, prosecutors alleged that Alameda and FTX had falsified these documents to deceive investors and hide their balance sheet issues.

Prince admitted to knowing that the documents were unaudited but claimed no knowledge of them being fake.

Nevertheless, SBF’s defense attempted to shift blame back to BlockFi, suggesting that a lack of comprehensive due diligence, especially trusting unaudited financial records, was the primary reason for the collapse.

What’s Next?

As the trial progresses, the upcoming sessions are expected to be marked by heightened intensity and significant revelations.

The courtroom is awaiting testimonies from two pivotal figures associated with FTX — Nishad Singh, the former Engineering Director, and Ramnik Arora, another important figure within the company.

The prosecution team aims to conclude their arguments and rest their case by the tentative deadline of October 26. Subsequently, the defense team will begin rebuttals, presenting counterarguments to challenge the prosecution’s assertions and calling their own witnesses.

These unfolding testimonies are expected to shed light on the complex web of financial transactions and intricate personal dynamics involved.

In Other News…

“From Trust to Disappointment: Anthony Scaramucci on Sam Bankman-Fried”

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, recently opened up about his once unwavering trust in SBF, the embattled founder of FTX.

He initially admired SBF’s vision for a next-generation financial exchange, but this trust was severely tested following fraud allegations against SBF, leading to deep regrets and disillusionment, particularly in the days leading up to FTX’s dramatic collapse.

“Leaked Recording Reveals Stark Misuse of FTX Customer Funds”

A shocking audio recording from an all-hands meeting at Alameda Research has been leaked, exposing deeply concerning financial activities.

Former Alameda deputy, Caroline Ellison, candidly discussed the misuse of billions of FTX customer funds for high-risk venture investments and servicing Alameda’s loans. Ellison’s revelations painted a damning picture of ex-FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, suggesting his pivotal role in the high-risk financial dealings that led to FTX and Alameda’s collapse.

“BlockFi’s Lending to Alameda: A Tale of Trust, Ignorance, and Financial Repercussions”

BlockFi CEO Zac Prince testified in SBF’s trial on October 13, shedding light on the intricate lending relationship between BlockFi and Alameda Research.

Prince detailed how BlockFi’s lending to Alameda grew substantially over time, revealing significant loan amounts and industry events that influenced BlockFi’s decisions. Throughout the testimony, a recurring theme emerged: BlockFi’s profound unawareness of FTX’s underhanded activities, which had major financial implications, emphasizing the importance of transparency and due diligence in the volatile world of crypto finance.

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