NASA Offers $70,000 For The Best Martian Metaverse Design


If you’re a programmer and would love to dip your fingers into creating a Martian metaverse, then NASA wants you.

What’s up with the new challenge? NASA is currently on the lookout for ambitious and innovative programmers who can come up with the best design of the epic Martian Metaverse for a hefty prize of $70,000.

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NASA MarsXR Challenge

Elon Musk believes a Mars coin will be minted – and NASA now wants to create this Martian Metaverse. Everything seems to revolve nowadays around Mars.


The MarsXR challenge is an initiative founded by the US space agency in partnership with Buendea and Epic Games.

The MarsXR challenge has a prize pool of $70,000 (NFT Drops Calendar).

The challenge is geared towards game and app developers who want to contribute in creating immersive experiences around the Martian metaverse with the integration of virtual reality (XR).

The challenge is for game developers to create new environments and resources intended for the MarsXR Operations Support System (XOSS) ecosphere with the integration of Unreal Engine 5 by Epic Games.

NASA has published detailed information about Mars for the Martian Day. The information includes weather conditions, color, shades, and 400 square kilometers of visually appealing and realistic terrain that you can find on the Red Planet.

NASA And Epic Games Team Up

NASA definitely knows who to collaborate with in the MarsXR challenge.

Epic Games, a partner of the NASA MarsXR challenge, is incredibly gamer-famous for Unreal Engine 5, its groundbreaking programming engine which was used for Kingdom Hearts IV and Fortnite. Major companies like Kiribi of LEGO and SONY has invested billions of dollars in Unreal Engine 5.

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$70,000 Prize For MarsXR Challenge Winners

The MarsXR challenge powered by NASA has a whopping prize pool of $70,000. So, if you are a developer who want to contribute to a bigger ideation or goal then this is your cue to jump in and join the MarsXR challenge.

There are five categories and 20 distinctions included wherein the creators are free to design individual scenarios or environments. There would be four winners or prizes. Each winner of the category will get $6,000.  

According to NASA’s schedule, deadline of applications will be on July 26. Following an evaluation period of two months, the winner will be announced on September 27, 2022.

As of this writing, around 266 innovators and 25 teams have already joined the challenge.

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