Google introduces AI to Android and Google Assistant

Google introduces AI to Android and Google Assistant

Google announced in separate statements on Oct. 4 that is in the process of adding artificial intelligence (AI) features to two of its flagship products.

First, Google unveiled Assistant with Bard. This announcement means that Google’s Bard AI tool — which is already available through several Google web services — will be integrated with the company’s personal assistant app on Android and iOS devices.

Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager for Google Assistant and Bard, wrote:

“Generative AI is creating new opportunities to build a more intuitive, intelligent, personalized digital assistant. One that extends beyond voice, understands and adapts to you and handles personal tasks in new ways.”

Hsiao suggested that, with the help of AI, Assistant will be capable of planning trips, searching within emails, creating grocery lists, and sending texts. She also described one specific use case in which a user selects an image to auto-compose a social media post.


The announcement indicates that the feature is experimental and will be released to early testers in the coming months with some restrictions based on countries and languages.

Android to get AI screen lock, wallpapers

Google separately announced the release of Android 14, which includes certain AI features — though these art not as extensive as those available through Bard.

Specifically, the company announced two artificial intelligence functions for Android alongside various other accessibility, data collection, and customization features. The first of those AI features is an adaptive screen lock function that changes based on current circumstances. Google says that this feature will, for example, display the user’s weather forecast widget more visibly whenever there is incoming bad weather.

The second feature more trivially allows users to create wallpapers through an AI prompt. This feature will first be available on Pixel 8/8 Pro devices.

Google has also made announcements related to its other AI projects, including its collaborative tool Duet and its large-language model set Gemini, in recent months.

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