DappCraft Plans an Exciting Halloween Bash on Decentraland

DappCraft to Summon a Halloween Bash on Decentraland

“Decentraland Embraces the Halloween Spirit with DappCraft’s AI Treasure Hunt

This Halloween, Decentraland, the digital world celebrated for its boundless creativity, is bringing a thrilling, AI-driven treasure hunt to life, courtesy of DappCraft. From October 27 to 31, the ‘Halloween AI Treasure Hunt 23’ will transform the metaverse into a spooktacular wonderland, inviting all to engage in AI-generated quests for eerie surprises.

The Haunted House Tours take center stage, featuring daily quests that will keep participants captivated throughout the event, rewarding the brave with exclusive prizes. Virtual candies are the key to unlocking these mysterious treasures at the Spooky Shop.

Notably, AI takes a significant role in this year’s event, overseeing all Halloween-themed activities. Participants are encouraged to embrace this technological twist and partake in the AI-crafted challenges devised by DappCraft.

Immersed in the treasure hunt’s eerie ambiance, participants can don disguises, transforming into their favorite Halloween characters to explore the virtual world like never before.


Whether you’re an experienced Metaverse explorer or a newcomer, Halloween AI Treasure Hunt 23 promises an unforgettable experience for all, uniting Halloween enthusiasts from around the world. Join Decentraland and unearth digital treats in this upcoming spooktacular celebration.

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