Chancer presale keeps momentum.

Chancer presale keeps momentum.

Chancer nears presale sellout in stage 3 as amounts raised surpass $2.39 million.

Investors are attracted to Chancer’s decentralised betting feature

Chancer could rise by up to 10x in the future as P2P betting grows

Betting has, for a long time, been centralised. Bookmakers control the platforms and decide betting rules and odds. However, this is changing with blockchain, with the idea of giving betting control to wagers. Chancer endeavours to become the world’s first decentralised platform for bettors. Users can set betting events and create rules and odds for successful bets. The decentralisation has attracted investors, who have accumulated over $2.39 million tokens in presale.


How does Chancer work?

Chancer covers two betting mechanisms: conventional betting and social betting. Conventional betting is for known events like football, basketball, marathons, etc. It is akin to traditional betting but with a touch of blockchain.

Social betting has been the most innovative feature of Chancer. This is where users bet against their peers in uncommon or private events. Let’s look at it in a hypothetical scenario:

Assume you have a local marathon that is barely known outside your area. You don’t expect such an event to feature on your usual betting platform. But you want to bet on the event with a friend, say Marathoner A or B wins it. Both of you hold contrary opinions. 

So, you can create a secure P2P market via Chancer and bet on the outcome. The winnings are secured through the blockchain platform. You can do so for several other social events with anyone, regardless of where they are. 

With social betting, Chancer opens up endless opportunities for day-to-day occurrences. This allows Chancer to open new ways to bet and grow. Users also have fun betting on their preferred social events. 

Is Chancer attractive?

Chancer could be attractive to speculators and investors. Chancer token powers a real-world use case, betting, which has increased rapidly in the past decade. As the platform attracts users, the value of Chancer could skyrocket, benefiting the speculators. The hot-selling presale gives a glimpse of the post-listing potential for the token. 

An exciting prospect of passive income generation also makes Chancer attractive to investors. Chancer rewards users for creating custom P2P markets and sharing the platform. The features make the platform attractive beyond betting, which could fuel the demand and price for the token.

Chancer is also built by its community. Users can participate in the platform growth by allocating some of their tokens through a staking feature. Investors who stake their tokens earn yields to supplement their passive incomes. 

Stage 3 presale nears sellout, with token rising to $0.013 

Chancer opened the presale at a bargain price of $0.01, which quickly sold out. The price entered the second stage at $0.011, selling out on solid demand. In the third stage, the price of Chancer is $0.012, with investors still showing interest. The stage is almost done, which will pave the way for the next price increase to $0.013.

At the end of the presale, early investors will get more valued tokens than they bought. This means investing in the token at its earlier stage offers a better opportunity. Investors could also look at the listing roadmap, which sets the token debut on exchanges in Q3 2023. As the token is listed, the price could embark on an upward trajectory as it unlocks more demand.

What is the price potential of Chancer in 2023?

Early indications of demand suggest that Chancer could rise by strong margins after getting listed. A clear project roadmap and betting momentum give Chancer a strong price potential.

Analysts have earmarked up to a 10x increase in value after the token is listed. The prediction is realistic, although the gains could occur in the medium to long term on platform use. In 2023, investors could settle for up to three-digit percentages as speculations intensify.

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