Base Network Unveils Comprehensive 8-Week Blockchain Developer Training Program

Base network launches 8-week training course for blockchain developers

Base Network Launches Free 8-Week Training Course for Aspiring Blockchain Developers

On October 20, Ethereum’s layer-2 Base Network introduced ‘Base Bootcamp,’ an innovative eight-week training program aimed at transforming traditional software developers into proficient blockchain developers. This comprehensive course is designed for mid to senior-level individual contributors in the field of Software Engineering. Interested participants must complete an application and be accepted to join, with each ‘cohort’ limited to fewer than 20 students. The application deadline is set for October 27.

Base Bootcamp is a dynamic learning experience, fostering collaboration and interactivity. Participants will receive guidance from experienced engineers and dedicated mentors throughout the program. Base Network’s announcement underscores the need for such a program, highlighting that while there are nearly 30 million software developers globally, there are fewer than 30,000 on-chain developers. This underscores the pressing need to bridge the gap and empower more developers to work in the Web3 space.

Earlier this year, Base launched ‘Base Camp,’ an online training initiative open to all. However, the network recognized that progressing in mastering a complex skill like blockchain development can be challenging when done in isolation. Base Bootcamp seeks to address this issue by providing a supportive community for developers.


During the Bootcamp, every student will be paired with a mentor, and regular meetings will take place. Additionally, students will have access to a team of engineers from Coinbase and Base who will be available during designated office hours to address inquiries. A private Discord server will facilitate communication among students and with Base engineers, and students will complete assignments that will be evaluated by team members. As a final project, participants will be required to create their own Web3 application and present it to their peers.

Although the program is tuition-free, students will be asked to provide a 1 Ether (ETH) deposit to ensure their commitment to the program, which will be refunded upon graduation.

The shortage of qualified Web3 developers is a widely acknowledged challenge in the industry. Various initiatives have been proposed to address this issue, including introducing Web3 development into high school curricula and simplifying Web3 development through innovative tools. For example, Circle recently released a set of tools to make contract deployment more accessible using familiar Web2 methods.

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