Artfi’s Fractionalized NFTs Draw Massive Crowd of 25K+ Art Fans

Artfi Attracts 25K+ Art Fanatics via Fractionalized NFTs

Artfi’s Genesis Pass NFTs: Democratizing Art Ownership Through Blockchain

Artfi, the tech-art venture, is set to revolutionize art ownership with the public release of its Genesis Pass NFTs. By leveraging the power of blockchain and NFTs on the Polygon network, Artfi is making it possible for art enthusiasts to own and trade renowned artworks more affordably.

Genesis Pass NFT holders will enjoy priority access to fractionalized art in the Artfi ecosystem. Over 25,000 individuals have already joined the Genesis Pass waitlist, eagerly anticipating this transformative initiative, led by Sachi Jafri’s celebrated ‘The Six Elements’ collection.

The Impact of Sachi Jafri’s ‘Six Elements’

Sachi Jafri’s ‘The Six Elements’ is a unique project consisting of six physical paintings inspired by elemental themes like Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Air, and Humanity. With a history of collaborations, including work for the renowned automaker Rolls Royce, Jafri’s collection is a testament to his artistry.


A limited quantity of 10,000 Genesis Pass NFTs will be available, offering art enthusiasts the chance to stake their claim in the collection and gain early access to Artfi’s upcoming editions. Holders will also receive a complimentary token airdrop.

Considering that Jafri’s ‘Journey of Humanity’ canvas achieved one of the highest prices ever paid for an artwork by a living artist, a staggering $62 million in 2021, this opportunity is not to be missed.

Owning a Genesis Pass NFT is more than just owning art; it’s a chance to be part of an innovative moment in the world of art. Join us and be part of this artistic revolution

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