a revolutionary asset-backed payment token

Edelcoin: a revolutionary asset-backed payment token – a new era of stablecoin

The financial system is burdened, and so is the traditional fiat by the actual increasing inflation in several countries around the world. Commodities have historically been a good medium to act as a safe harbor against it. 

And this is the strength of Edelcoin, a token backed by precious and base metals, a true source of the Earth’s wealth. 

Edelcoin has a fully compliant setup under Swiss regulations and strong internal policies and governances with the highest standards on technical and organizational measures. 

Additionally, Edelcoin is not just another fiat mirroring token; it is a pure RWA token, where the holders of Edelcoin become the co-owners of the professional curated basket of precious and base metals to serve as stable and trusted means of payment in the digital world for goods and services. 


The Unique Proposition

Unlike traditional stablecoins tied to fiat currencies, where those backings are invested, Edelcoin is tied to a diversified basket of precious and base metals such as different types of Copper Isotope, Nickel Wire, and Caesium 133. 

This innovative backing provides a dual advantage:

Well-curated basket of precious and base metals 
The backing is pre-existing before the minting. The minting tokenizes the backing
The backing is not invested  – it serves only to back the Edelcoin with an over collateral ratio of 25%
The holders become co-owners of the basket
The token serves as an adequate measure of financial stability compared to pressured fiat in terms of volatility and inflationary risks

For user convenience, each Edelcoin was minted and launched with a value proxy equivalent to 1 USD, but it’s important to note that 1 EDLC always represents fractional ownership of a pre-defined and immutable basket of precious and base metals. 

This design choice offers a familiar entry point for users while ensuring that Edelcoin remains an independent, stable, and potentially growing asset.

Edelcoin has made significant strides in accessibility and trading options by securing listings on cryptocurrency exchanges like xt.com, probit.com and bitforex.com. These listings not only provide a platform for buying and selling Edelcoin but also offer users the opportunity to engage in a broader trading ecosystem. 

These listings also allow for greater liquidity and market exposure, making it easier for both new and seasoned market participants to purchase Edelcoin, use it as a means of payment, and incorporate it into their allocations.

Learn more about Edelcoin

To learn more about Edelcoin and its unique proposition, you can check out their whitepaper here.

Security, Transparency, and Regulatory Compliance

One of the most compelling features of Edelcoin is its focus on security. Each token is over-collateralized by 25%, meaning that for every Edelcoin in circulation, there is 125% of its value stored in high-security warehouses, mainly in Switzerland. 

This over-collateralization acts as a safety net against market volatility and adds an extra layer of security for token holders.

Transparency is another key part of Edelcoin. The collateral pre-exists the minting of the coin and is fully disclosed, independently verified, and continuously evaluated and audited.

Moreover, Edelcoin is an active VQF member and operates within a Swiss regulatory framework in a fully compliant manner.

Edelcoin’s Ecosystem: A Suite of Services Beyond Just a Stablecoin

While Edelcoin’s primary innovation lies in its asset-backed stablecoin, Edelverse goes beyond bringing to the market tokenized metals. 

It is orchestrating with partner companies a comprehensive ecosystem called the Edelverse, designed to provide a range of products and services to users of Edelcoin that take advantage and benefit from the stability and security of Edelcoin. 

This ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi), offering a seamless experience for both professional and retail traders. Here’s a closer look at the services that will soon be offered within the Edelverse:

Edelcoin Online Boutique

For those interested in more than just financial transactions, the Edelcoin Online Boutique will offer an exclusive platform for exchanging Edelcoins for goods featuring precious metals and gems. 

This curated collection showcases artistry, craftsmanship, and sophistication and will allow users to spend their Edelcoins on high-value items, thus adding another layer of utility to the token.

Lending Market for Traders

One of the main services within the Edelverse will be the lending market tailored for traders. This lending protocol will allow Edelcoin holders to engage in lending and borrowing activities under fair and transparent terms. 

Innovative Edelcoin Wallet

Security and convenience are at the forefront of Edelvers’s offerings, and the advanced Edelcoin Wallet is dedicated proof of that. Integrated within the Edelverse ecosystem, this wallet will offer advanced security features, a built-in chat for community engagement, and convenient transfer capabilities. 

It will also allow for connection with the lending protocol and access to Automated Market Maker (AMM) pools, making it a one-stop solution for all your Edelcoin activities.

Decentralized Exchanges and AMM Pools

Liquidity is crucial in any financial ecosystem, and the Edelvers will offer AMM pools across multiple chains and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). These pools will provide an opportunity for token holders to earn profits from transaction fees. 

The AMM pools will contain a variety of tokens, facilitating easy swaps and enhancing the overall liquidity of the Edelverse.

Liquidity Pools

To further strengthen the ecosystem’s liquidity, Edelverse will feature specific liquidity pools for the users of Edelcoin. Users will be able to lend their tokens to these pools, contributing to the overall liquidity and earning rewards in the process. This will not only make trading more efficient but also provide an additional revenue stream for Edelcoin holders.

Did you know?


Edelcoin is more than just a token; it is a vision for a safe harbor within the Edelverse and the digital financial world, giving its users free choice and peace of mind within a legally compliant environment, backed with true values by the wealth of the earth.  

As Edelcoin continues to create its unique space in the stablecoin market, its future looks promising. With solid execution on geographic expansion, like the upcoming installation of the first Edelcoin ATMs in Europe and Asia, the Edelverse is well-positioned for international expansion.

With its strong focus on security, compliance, stability, and user benefits, Edelcoin is eager to set a new standard in the stablecoin market.


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